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Castel Guelfo Outlet

Castel Guelfo is a little Comune 40 minutes from Bologna that, in 2004, was choosen as site to host one of the main shopping attractions of the city: the Castel Guelfo Outlet. This outlet has huge amount of visitors for three main reasons. First of all its extension: 110 shops in a total area of 24.266 square meters. Secodly, it is the place where relaxation of an environment family friendly meets quality and value of money. Third, its position: being strategically located at the border with different provinces and near Imola is however easy reachable by car and train from the Castel San Pietro Terme A14 exit and train station. Do exist also shuttle bus services with stops in Bologna and Castel San Pietro train stations.


Vignola is a city and comune in the province of Modena (Emilia-Romagna), Italy.

Its economy is famous for agriculture, particularly fruit farming and cherry economy is a local specialty. Main sights to visit the Town Museum and the Castle (Rocca). But do not forget one of the many cherry plantations.

The city is notorius also as the birthplace of the Renaissance architect Jacopo Barozzi da Vignola.


Tolè is the largest village in the municipality of Vergato (Bologna).

Located on the border between Bologna and Modena, Tolè is a village known widely for the cultivation of its famous potato, celebrated in September by the homonymous festival organised by the ProLoco. Another special feature of the territory are the many water springs connected by a path enriched by paintings and sculptures.

Those who have the opportunity to visit the village can admire more than a hundred artworks throughout the narrow historic alleys, including sculptures, paintings and murals by local or visiting artists, displayed in the form of wall pictures, making Tolè a veritable permanent open-air art collection.

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