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In life you have to elevate yourself individually and in values. Other escapes are useless.

-- MakeItEasy
Innovation is a process that leads to: a) the development of a novel aspect, feature or application of an existing software product or process; b) the introduction of a new software product, service or process, or an improvement in the previous generation of the software product or process; and c) entry into an existing market or the creation of a new market.

-- The Oslo Manual from the OECD
If you have done your work quickly and poorly, people will soon forget that you did it quickly and will remember that you did it poorly. If you have done it slowly but well, people will forget that you did it slowly and will remember that you did it well.

-- Enginners' folklore
How much money from the renting you spent in game upgrades?

-- from Ready Player One, the movie
Let's take a leap back..

-- from Ready Player One, the movie
If you are not able to deal with C pointers and memory breaches you are no one.

-- MakeItEasy
How does a project get to be a year late? ..One day at a time.

-- Frederick Brooks
Good programmers know what to write. Very good programmers know what to reuse.

-- Eric Raymond
Thinkers are rare; doers are rarer; and thinker-doers are rarest.

-- Frederick Brooks
Adding man power to a late software project makes it later.

-- Frederick Brooks

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